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The Industry-Wide PAC Fund

ARA is leading the fight to change national perceptions and increase representation of the Auto Recovery Industry at the legislative level. We have helped assemble a coalition of industry members who are currently raising money to support the funding of a lobbyist who will support our interests in Washington, through this crisis and beyond.

Through her 30+ years of experience, our lobbyist will set up meetings with legislators and their aides to ensure that our interests and economic impact are understood.

During the current pandemic, we are fighting to prevent language that would create a 5-7 month moratorium on Repossession business in the Phase 4 Stimulus package. If we cannot prevent this language from being included in the stimulus package, we are fighting for the industry to receive a bailout for ALL company expenses including the paycheck protection plan.

To donate to this cause and fight for the long-term viability of our industry, please follow the link below:


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