ARA Member Highlight: Russ and Lauren DeWitt

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This month’s member highlight is on Russ and Lauren DeWitt of Capital Adjusters, Inc., in Austin, Texas. Capital Adjusters was founded in 1975 and Russ, who has been with the company since 1976, is the current owner and president. They were the first company in Austin to join ARA and have been outstanding members ever since.

Russ, Lauren and their son Steven were recently awarded as Humanitarians by their church for their selfless contributions toward the betterment of mankind.  Along with making sizable monetary donations to various church programs in their community and around the world, Lauren has been able to use her training as a pharmacist to act as medical director for Citizens Commission on Human Rights – a non-profit organization that exposes psychiatric abuses with the goal of cleaning up the field of mental health.  Through her efforts, psychiatric abuses in Texas have been exposed and the offenders stripped of their licenses, and in some cases imprisoned. She has also been featured in two documentaries exposing these abuses.

Along with working nights and weekends at his church, Russ traveled to Berlin to help end religious discrimination in Germany, participated in disaster relief in Texas, and testified before the Texas legislature to help ban electroshock and forced drugging of children in Texas. Lauren was also part of the volunteer minister relief efforts in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Their son Steven does volunteer work at the Church.

“We believe we are put on this Earth to help others and a person’s value is not determined by his wallet, but by how much he is able to give to his fellow man.”

Thank you Russ and Lauren for being outstanding ARA members and for doing such amazing work in your community.

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