Member Highlight: John Morgan

• Nov 8, 2016 • ARA Member Spotlight1 Comment


John Morgan is ARA’s director of faeeb1c1-0359-4af4-adb7-05f349110330compliance. If you haven’t spoken to him and/or seen him speak, you need to. As the director of compliance, he vets and ensures all documents that are put into ARA’s compliance program are validated and put in their proper spot. He also, within ARA’s Green Light program, contacts members with any issues they may have within their compliance documents. He also coordinates site inspections with Home Office. When he’s not keeping ARA members in the green, he spends his spare time making spirit signs for high school sports programs (think football, basketball, etc.) and end of the season senior gifts. Most of the money he’s paid goes back into the sports program. It’s his labor of love. His biggest project this past year was a sign for a catholic school that took him six months to complete. The school wanted to honor those who contributed to making the new floor a reality, so John took pieces from that old floor and created a 4’ X 3’ tribute. If you want to know about our compliance program or simply want to get to know John, email him at

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  1. Joan Hudson says:

    John Morgan is an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom. He is truly a compliance
    officer who works well with all of our ARA members, and is always available.
    Thank you John, for all the hard work and information source.!!!

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