Member Highlight: Laura Delgrippo

• Jun 3, 2015 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Laura Delgrippo


6f3ec2db-7b6d-4201-9c92-2293b5cac3e4Laura Delgrippo, manager of McMillin Recovery, LLC., is an ARA member who epitomizes what community is all about. After enrolling her children in schools near Little Rock Air Force Base where her husband is stationed, Delgrippo realized the schools did not have basic equipment to help the students learn and grow.

In order to help provide the equipment the school needed, Delgrippo and her children began collecting box tops. They purchased foods that had eligible box tops and redeemed them for funds for the school. A simple labor of love that turns food containers into money for her children’s school is an admirable and very thoughtful idea. For more than two years, Delgrippo and her sons have been contributing to this project and have seen wonderful results. Thank you Delgrippo family for your service to the repossessor community, as well as your own local community. Members like you help move our industry forward.

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