Member Highlight: Patrick Dunleavy

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Member Highlight Patrick Dunleavy

PatrickThis month’s Member Highlight is on Patrick Dunleavy, Remarketing Director of TCAR Recovery in New York. Over the past several months, Patrick has been spearheading ARA’s Young Professional Repossessors Commission (YPRC), a group of young professionals comprised of ARA members, family members and business associates.

The mission of YPRC is to educate and empower young industry professionals with the resources they need to have a voice and be heard in the industry. The commission aims to strengthen and unify the entire ARA membership base and assist in developing new ideas that will ensure the future success of ARA and the recovery industry.

Patrick will be hosting a YPRC meeting for interested members on Saturday, September 27th at ARA’s Annual Convention. For more information on this meeting or YPRC in general, contact

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