Member Highlight: Ron Brown

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Ron Brown

Ron Brown 1This month’s Member Highlight is on Ron Brown, president and chief executive officer of CSI Group in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, one of the oldest and largest asset investigation and recovery agencies in the Central Plains area. Ron has more than 35 years of experience in the field of locating and recovery and has worked over 30,000 repossessions.

Ron joined the CSI Group in 1973 and repossessed his first car on his first day of work. Ron has a background in criminal justice and had worked for the U.S. Government in Southeast Asia before joining the repossession and recovery industry.

As a commissioned private investigator, Ron works with different law enforcement groups to recover and transport people and animals during crisis. Ron has assisted law enforcement agencies such as the U.S. Marshall’s Service, U.S. Customs, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Texas Rangers.

Ron certainly knows how to utilize his resources and use his knowledge to help others. When natural disaster strikes and animals need to be relocated safely, Ron and his horse ranch come to the rescue. Moving cows and horses with drives and trailers are a huge help to those in need during crisis.

Ron’s biggest passion in life is hunting the most dangerous prey on the face of the earth – man. With that passion and background in skip tracing and cyber tracking Ron manages to help find missing people. Ron has used his knowledge to not only track missing persons but to train law enforcement around the world to track and find missing or wanted persons.

A father to three very successful children, Ron considers his family and his horses to be the most important things in life. His eldest son is an architect who has built structures all over the world. The middle child is an attorney who practiced in France, married and French lady and now practices corporate law. His youngest works with Ron at CSI Group as the AVP of sales.

Ron Brown is a great example of someone who takes a finely tuned talent and uses it to give back to the community. His sharp wit, unique perspective and years of experience make him a fierce hunter and excellent investigator. I think we can all agree that we are glad to have Ron on our side. We’re also pretty fortunate to have had Ron speak as our emcee at NARS 2015. Thanks for all that you do, Ron!

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