Member Highlight: Savanna Price

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1fb1977e-a1b1-467f-acbd-48e04a1c1422Senior year in high school is a stressful time for young adults. They are trying to determine the right career path for themselves, pass their senior-level classes, get ready for college, find the perfect prom date and enjoy as much of their senior year as possible. For most kids at that age, volunteering doesn’t exactly fit into their social calendars. Savanna Price however, is different than most.

Savanna, the daughter of ARA member Alex Price, has a true passion for volunteering and is a natural-born leader. She is a member of the service club at Mobile Christian High School where she helps host food drives to benefit local shelters and participates in a walk-a-thon to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Savanna is also a member of the Fellowship of Christian Standards group as well as the National Honor Society. A prestigious accolade to add to Savanna’s long list of accomplishments was her selection to be an Oakleigh Belle. In a program run by the city of Mobile’s Historic Society, Oakleigh Belles spend 30+ hours memorizing Mobile’s rich history and present at city events. Savanna was one of 17 girls chosen out of 2,000 applicants to get to don the traditional antebellum dresses.

Another amazing opportunity Savanna has been able to participate in is serving on the Red Shoe Krewe. The Krewe is an extension of the Ronald McDonald House and the handpicked students who make up the organization volunteer to serve families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Savanna also volunteers with the Special Olympics –  children with special needs are very close to Savanna’s heart. Inspired by her mother, Page Price, Savanna wants to dedicate her life to special education.

With college just around the corner, Savanna has started narrowing down her educational prospects. She has visited Samford University, Mississippi College and Southern Miss, known for their outstanding special education programs. We know no matter what her school, Savanna will be taking the world by storm and making it a better place. We are so proud of you, Savanna.

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