RMI Case Study: Meeting Industry Needs By Increasing Efficiency

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Established in 1986, Hall Recovery Specialists, DFW is owned by Jim Hall and his wife, Carolyn. With more than 30 years of experience in the repossession business, Hall began his career in skip tracing and has become a seasoned expert since. Hall Recovery Specialist employees total over 100 years of experience in recovering collateral and strive to use the most beneficial technology. As the company continued to grow and expand, Hall looked for more resources to better his business to meet the needs of the industry.

Recovery Management Incorporated (RMI)
Hall heard about Recovery Management Incorporated (RMI) while serving on the Board of Directors of the American Recovery Association. After learning more about RMI from Founder & President, Joe McOwen, Hall decided RMI’s efficient way of business was a good investment for his company.

“I believe RMI works so well because it was designed from a lot of input from the lenders’ side and Joe’s background of the recovery side,” said Hall. “Because of the understanding of what both sides required and the assistance from RDN – it works.”

Hall also commended Joe McOwen’s work ethic. “When you have someone like that around you, you tend to achieve more. He’s a very professional man.”

Proven Results
Hall uses RMI’s effective Quick Response Program to increase his company’s business. The program leverages state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology and a national network of professional, accredited and insured recovery specialists to create a 24/7 collateral recovery department.

Not only does RMI’s technology make recovering collateral more efficient, but also RMI facilitates the real-time flow of communication and data between lending institutions and repossession-related service providers (RRSPs). As a result, lending institutions have better management oversight of the entire recovery process through a higher level of communication with their RRSPs.

“These little things help me be more efficient and thorough in my business, and it keeps my clients happy,” states Hall. “There are things built in that help us make sure we do everything.”

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