About the New NFA

• Jun 10, 2013 • ARA News and EventsComments Off on About the New NFA

NFA is now structured as a business cooperative, which means that it’s owned and managed by a professional group of independently owned recovery and remarketing firms, aligned to build a quality-based alternative to current forwarding companies.

NFA now focuses on offering a viable alternative to lenders that are currently using the standard forwarding model. In addition to a centralized assignment, communication, and risk mitigation, clients will have the option of communicating directly with the agent if they choose.

The deadline to join the new NFA for $2500 and have your investment matched with an additional $2500 is August 13, 2013.

Request your membership package from Darren Frame, Executive Director, National Finance Adjusters, at Darren@NFA.Org, or by calling him at 623-516-1018.

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