Industry Merger Update

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Unfortunately, the era of negotiations, meetings, and discussions on mergers between the three national repossession associations has ended. There are no further meetings planned, and there are no further negotiations anticipated. If you are not yet a member of ARA, there may never be a better opportunity to become a member and to help unite our industry.

For more than three years, members of the three national trade associations have repeatedly voted in favor of merging. Each time, the self-serving political interests of a minority have frustrated and thwarted the wishes of the majority. This intentional refusal of a few to work together should no longer be tolerated. All members who want to see the uniting of the recovery industry should take matters into their own hands.

In these difficult times the need for strong leadership has never been more important. For this reason, ARA has maintained its commitment to a unified industry and is willing to assume the responsibility of speaking for the industry. It is for this reason we are asking all recovery agents to make ARA the one and only repossession trade association they join.

As the world’s largest association of recovery and remarketing professionals, we have a proven and unparalleled record of service and accomplishments within the industry. If you are considering becoming a member of our team, now is the time. Our present $1,500 membership initiation fee will increase to $5,000 immediately following the 2011 North American Repossessors Summit. ARA will accept every application and work diligently with each applicant to get his or her application approved for membership. To take advantage of the savings and apply for membership, or for more information about the benefits of an ARA membership, please go to or call 972.755.4755.


Joe McOwen, ARA President, & the ARA Board of Directors

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