NARS 2013 Planning Kick-off

• Jul 26, 2012 • ARA News and EventsComments Off on NARS 2013 Planning Kick-off

The NARS 2013 Planning Committee met in Maplewood, New Jersey for three days to kick off the planning of a bigger and better NARS for next year. Committee members brought their ideas and feedback to the meeting and we had many great discussions about what we hope NARS 2013 will look like.

Day 2 of the NARS Planning Committee meeting


We’re excited to jump back into planning and we’re looking forward to an industry-impacting event!


If you have feedback on what you want to see at NARS next year, please take a few minutes to let us know by filling out this survey.


Want to see what NARS is all about? Take a look at this video of NARS 2012 highlights.


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