NARS 2014 Key Speakers Announced

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The North American Repossessors Summit (NARS) is an industry event hosted by the American Recovery Association (ARA) and Time Finance Adjusters (TFA) that focuses on education, key issues impacting the industry and networking. We are proud to announce that that a member from the southwest region of the CFPB is scheduled to speak our sixth annual event.

This is the first time a CFPB representative will serve as a key speaker at a recovery and remarketing industry event. In his own words, the representative will explain any misconceptions regarding the CFPB’s involvement within the recovery industry. It will be a very informative and empowering session.

Due to time constraints, the CFPB speaker may not be able to take questions after his presentation. However, attendees may submit their questions for the CFPB representative to address, in advance, by emailing This is an empowering session that you don’t want to miss.

Other influential speakers include:

  • Bogdan Rentea, founder of Rentea & Associates
  • Greg Crabtree, financial and business expert and author
  • Doug Duncan, President of TalentValue
  • Paul Kulas, founder of Belles Camp Communications

For more information on our agenda and scheduled speakers, visit

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