New Alliance Between ARA & MasterFiles

• Dec 22, 2011 • ARA News and EventsComments Off on New Alliance Between ARA & MasterFiles

ARA is very excited to announce our new alliance with MasterFiles and the completion of the ARA/MasterFiles integration project. Our new alliance provides ARA members with a new platform to perform their skip-tracing and front-end verifications in a cost effective way not duplicated anywhere else in the industry. We are very appreciative of MasterFiles joining with ARA in this industry-changing initiative. MasterFiles is the leading data provider in our industry and has demonstrated their commitment by standing side-by-side with the recovery industry. This alliance with MasterFiles is the first of many as we expand our partnerships and offers on our Resources Page.

We want to be very clear on how the billing section of the resource page works. From our discussions with companies willing to arrange a special discount program for our members, a single source billing model is the best option to provide the largest discounts for our members. With this feedback, we developed a secure tool for our members. It will work similarly to the RDN and iRepo models: you will buy credits and use them with the providers with whom you want to do business. In addition, these providers will offer the ARA membership an extra discount. We are negotiating discounts that will give you a very beneficial price break after the ARA’s costs are considered. For example, if a vendor offers a 10% discount to our members and the cost for card processing is 1.8%, you will realize a net saving to your company of 8.2%.

We are talking to fuel card companies, tire companies, and other businesses you do business with everyday. If any of you have a suggestion or a contact with one of these types of companies, please contact Home Office at 972.755.4755 or with that information and we will reach out to them.

The Board’s intention is to create the maximum return on your investment dollar in this association, and we thank you very much for your support of the ARA.

We wish all of you a very safe and joyous holiday season!

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