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Juan Bryant delivers a webinar version of his popular NARS 2018 roundtable about effective communication in the digital age.

From text and email to phone calls and face-to-face conversations, there are more channels of communication today than ever before. But even though we have so many ways to talk to each other, it’s become very easy for meaning and intention to get lost in translation.

In this month’s ARA webinar, Juan brings fresh life to his “Verbal Judo” presentation NARS 2018. Not only will he cover the current best practices for face-to-face encounters and electronic communications so that people understand what you’re saying, he’ll also teach us how to use the “diffuser” technique.

Thursday, July 12th
1:00 p.m. CT / 2:00 p.m. ET

*Members who attend this webinar session will receive an ARA certificate upon completion*

The American Recovery Association provides a free continuing education webinar series for recovery and remarketing professionals. This monthly one-hour webinar series offers education about the latest recovery laws and regulations, compliance policies, industry issues, and more. These presentations are geared towards owners, managers, employees, and field agents.

As an ARA member, you must register online for this webinar using your personal e-mail address so that you receive your certificate of completion. In the event that computer sharing is necessary for your office, please provide a list of employee names and email addresses in an excel spreadsheet to

If you have any questions or feedback about our continuing education webinar series, please contact ARA Home Office at 972-755-4755 or

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