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2014 is the beginning of a great new year for the ARA.  One of the most positive steps forward for our association is the new alliance partnership that we have formed with TalentValue. We have operating, financial and marketing systems and tools that allow our membership to succeed and thrive. Today, we unveil our ARA TalentValue Human System. This is a customized human resource process to help you hire, train and retain great people for your business. You will have the capabilities as a small business person that companies 100 times your size can only dream of.

We have added a brand new link to under Member Tools called HR Resource Center. This will take you to our new ARA TalentValue web page,, with all of the information that you need to activate your ARA HR membership.

  • Access custom Job Descriptions (JD) created by recovery experts for recovery experts. A practical and useful street guide to doing business the right way. And each JD can be modified so it accurately reflects the way you do business in your home town.
  • Link to Learning Checklists so your people can be trained for their job and be compliant to our ARA industry standards
  • Link to a Performance Development Plan (a performance review) that’s fair and easy to do.
  • Access an HR Resource Center with hundreds of articles and documents that can help you grow and build your business.
  • A growing HR Learning Center where you can find information to expand your knowledge in the industry
  • Conduct an HR audit of your business to find out where you are vulnerable
  • Access to HR experts through the HR Question & Answer Center, when you are not sure what to do and need some advice.
  • Discover our own ARA Career Site, where you can post your open jobs and advertise on many FREE job boards. You will find this as a tab on our site called JOBS.
  • Utilize an Applicant Tracking System that can cut your hiring time by up to 70% because it automatically pre-qualifies and sorts all your applicants quickly.
  • Find out how to properly conduct face-to-face interviews so that you can make the best decisions.
  • Make sure each new hire is the right fit with our Organizational Readiness Assessment, and improve the quality of your applicants by 25%; selecting only the best.
  • Do background and drug tests of your employees for criminal and sexual offenders lists.

It is a tremendous step forward to engage and manage your employees so that they can deliver the customer service that you and your clients demand.

Look for the emails and information in the next day or two to show you exactly what to do to get started and activate your ARA TalentValue memberships.

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