Announcing our New Health Insurance Program

Jul 17, 2019 • ARA News and EventsComments Off on Announcing our New Health Insurance Program

Cost-Effective Health Insurance Program Open to All Members

In partnership with Harding Brooks, we are proud to announce our newest member benefit: a national, cost-effective health insurance program open to all members.

A rich benefits package is key in retaining quality employees and obtaining health insurance for small business’ has not always been an easy option. We are always working to find ways to add value to your membership and we are thrilled to now offer a cost-effective insurance program for the recovery industry.

Harding Brooks will now serve as your one-stop-shop for health insurance, ensuring you are getting the best rates possible. This includes, educating you and your staff on coverages, deductibles and co-pays while putting together the best plan from top healthcare providers across the country.

Contact Mike at Harding Brooks (315) 214-5822 to discuss which health care plan is the best option for you and your employees.

And stay tuned! We’ll be rolling out more offerings in the coming months.

Member Highlight: Myles Weiss

Jul 12, 2019 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Myles Weiss

 Wes Wood


This month’s Member Highlight is Myles Weiss, founder of Able Auto Adjusters. Able Auto Adjusters was founded in 1962 and is the longest continually operating repossession company in California.

Weiss attended the very first meeting where ARA began and has volunteered his time for more than thirty years, serving in every executive post, culminating with his election to the Presidency in 1979. Mr. Weiss continued to serve the Association and in 1999 was re-elected to the Presidency.

It is not only on the national scene that Mr. Weiss has lent his expertise, but on the state level as well. He is a founding member of the California Association of Licensed Repossessors, and after decades of service, was elected as their President in 1981.

Mr. Weiss’ commitment to the repossession industry has garnered him the distinction of being “one of the Fathers of the industry”. He continues to this day to readily offer his advice and expertise and is sought after as an expert witness in many situations.

It is this backbone that gives Able Auto Adjusters the ability to serve its clientele with superior service.

Mr. Weiss lives with his lovely wife of 62 years, Francine, in the home they built 50 years ago.  He has three children, Marc, Suzanne and Danielle and is blessed with 9 grandchildren from age 5 to 33.

As Mr. Weiss is fond of saying; “Anyone can repossess a vehicle, it is the ability to locate the chattel for the client that makes you a true repossessor.”

This has truly become Able Auto Adjuster’s motto now that you have tried all the rest, try the best.

Important Discussions on Compliance Standards

Jun 13, 2019 • ARA News and Events, Recovery Industry NewsComments Off on Important Discussions on Compliance Standards

A Letter from ARA Executive Director, Les McCook

I had the honor of joining a panel of Association Executives at the National Automotive Finance Association conference. I sat alongside Phillip Bohi of American Financial Services Association, Paul D Metrey of National Automobile Dealers Association, and Shaun K. Peterson of National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Jack Tracey served as the moderator and led our discussion about the challenges each of our respective memberships face on a daily basis.

Jack Tracey and Joel Kennedy, NAF Association leaders, were instrumental in assembling the panel together. Our goal was to discuss strategies on how we can begin to define a minimum compliance standard for our sectors.

After confirming as leaders that we should move forward with the initiative, we successfully brought lenders and clients into agreement on a solution. As individual company owners, you should decide where and how you obtain the training necessary for your employees to meet the many compliance standards as prescribed by our clients.

Looking forward, our next project will be improving the quality of site inspections and then determining the best way to share that information within the community of industry stakeholders.

We always look forward to these discussions, and we want to thank everyone for their time and commitment to such an important project.

Member Highlight: Wesley Wood

May 31, 2019 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Wesley Wood

Wes Wood

This month, we want to highlight Wesley Wood, president and founder of Wesley Auto Recovery Inc. Under Wesley’s leadership, Wesley Auto Recovery Inc. has pursued for excellence and integrity in the industry for over 30 years.

Before he started his company servicing cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more, Wesley started out in the industry with just a coat hanger, a hot wire, and a ring of keys. How times have changed! Now, Wesley employs two of his three children, making his company a thriving family business that prides itself on providing outstanding customer service both in the office and out in the field.

When he’s not at work, you can find Wesley spending time down the shore, cruising around town with his wife of 37 years, Lorraine, in his classic Cadillac, or attending a local car show. We thank Wesley for his 40+ years of contributions to the industry and for being an outstanding member of ARA!

The Case for Unifying Industry Standards

May 20, 2019 • NewsComments Off on The Case for Unifying Industry Standards



People are buzzing about what’s happening at ARA. Joel Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer at TruDecision and NAF Association Board member, contributed a recent article in Non-Prime Times Magazine. This article is definitely something every Repossession Professional needs to read.

Since the partnership between NAF and ARA was formalized in 2018, the conversation around forwarders is shifting. Kennedy’s article contains important insights you need to understand regarding:

  • structural changes and technology
  • regulations
  • market changes
  • and positive signals for growth.

Read The Full Original Article Here

Member Highlight: Jeremy Cross

Apr 12, 2019 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Jeremy Cross

This month, we want to highlight Jeremy Cross, president of International Recovery Systems. Jeremy joined ARA this past February 2019 and currently lives in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Jeremy spends a lot of his time in the office continuing to grow his business, which provides a full range of repossession and remarketing-related services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Their suite of services and outstanding attention to detail ensure that all clients will be handled in the most professional manner possible. Under Jeremy’s leadership, International Recovery Systems is projected to meet their 2019 goals and is on track to exceed their goals for the future.

Outside of the office, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family. From football and lacrosse games to Girl Scout meetings, Jeremy stays busy being involved in his kid’s activities and spending time with his wife, who also stays busy by working as a nurse manager for a Veteran’s Hospital. Even with a new home being built, Jeremy stays well balanced and on top of it all.

We appreciate Jeremy for being active in ARA, before and after joining and look forward to hearing more good news from him in his life and business.

Travel Benefits for ARA Members

Apr 10, 2019 • UncategorizedComments Off on Travel Benefits for ARA Members

Have you already booked your travel to the ARA Convention and NARS 2019? If not, you can save on those tickets! All ARA members enjoy exclusive travel discounts through our partnerships with American Airlines, Hertz, and Thrifty.

You can earn miles while also helping us reduce association travel costs by using your membership code. If you’re renting a car for the convention, ARA members have two great options with Hertz and Thrifty!

To take advantage of all the available ARA member benefits, visit the member benefits portal. 

We wish everyone safe travels to this year’s ARA Convention and NARS!

Member Highlight: Richard Frame

Mar 11, 2019 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Richard Frame

Richard & his family

This month, we want to highlight Richard (Dick) Frame, from Midland Recovery. Dick has been an ARA member since 2006 and currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina.

Dick came from the business world as a national sales manager before transitioning into the repossession industry. Though Dick has had many professional accomplishments, including serving on the ARA Board of Directors back in 2010, he states that his family and children are his proudest accomplishment to date. Dick currently has two children in college and one in high school. 

Over the years, Dick has found that success in our industry correlates to professionals treating their businesses like businesses. He understands the impact of being an ARA member has for all industry professionals first-hand. His recommendation to others just starting out is to look at being profitable first and foremost, then set goals from there. 

Dick has great insight into our industry and believes that communication is the key to success. Since every professional has differing experiences, it’s important to be open to the thoughts and viewpoints of others. You should also look for opportunities to learn from others mistakes and make changes from what has been shared with you. He also recommends that ARA members should accept and acknowledge that things in the industry are ever-changing – clients and personnel move around all the time – so it is important to stay in touch with other professionals in the industry.

While several reasons have kept Dick invested in ARA, the networking and communicating with like-minded people stand out to him the most. He’s been able to connect with so many different people across the country over the years, so he knows that ARA has something to offer to everyone.

Member Highlight: Dave Kennedy

Jan 13, 2019 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on Member Highlight: Dave Kennedy

While it might seem highly unusual for our “Member Highlight” to feature a sitting ARA President, we felt it was important to showcase how dedicated Dave has been to serving everyone. Not only has he committed countless hours and personal expense into continuing his education to better serve our association, but Dave has also taken a series of safety classes to improve the quality and diversity of our field agent training modules. There is no doubt that our training program is one of the best.

On top of all he is doing as our President, Dave spent considerable time playing Santa for various charitable organizations in his community. It is always heartwarming to see the pictures and hear the stories of how the children and families appreciate the way he keeps his wonderful Santa Claus figure all year. That is how committed Dave is!

We realize our members are facing challenging issues to their very existence. Our entire Board is dedicated to creating a better future for our entire industry, but Dave is working overtime behind the scenes to form new partnerships and find strategies that will directly benefit your bottom line. In fact, you will be receiving a series of emails outlining some of these plans over the next few weeks, and Dave has been instrumental in bringing them all to pass.

Letter from the Executive Director

Dec 5, 2018 • NewsComments Off on Letter from the Executive Director

We have learned a major insurance carrier servicing more than 225 agencies is leaving the space. Once again, our industry is facing a limited choice situation that will definitely create hardships for many agencies in the country.

It is important you immediately reevaluate your current coverages and carrier to be sure you will not be negatively affected in the short term.  This is especially true if you are covered by either Clear Blue or Falls Lake.  There are still a couple of options available – please be sure you have time to find the required coverages before you find yourself uninsured.  

We are aware of the need to continue to build relationships with carriers and develop programs that assure our members can find effective and affordable programs that serve their needs.  We have asked for a meeting with Harding Brooks Insurance Agency and their exclusive program through AmTrust (the carrier for ARA’s preferred insurance program).  Our conversations will be centered around discussing loss trends, what we are doing as an Industry to mitigate exposure, as well as the opportunity to strengthen this relationship.

Harding Brooks is rooted in this repossession industry and, with our united front, we will work to find insurance solutions for your business.

Sincerely,Les McCook
ARA Executive Director

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