The Cost of COVID-19 on the Industry

• Jul 10, 2020 • NewsComments Off on The Cost of COVID-19 on the Industry

The Cost of COVID-19 on the Industry

Over the last few weeks, ARA has been assessing, researching and creating content which will put forth a clear and present argument for radical change within the pricing structures of our industry, which will be beneficial to all parties. However, the spectrum of issues is a broad one and cannot be tackled with levity. These services are essential to the entirety of the auto finance business and must be valued as such – by all parties involved.

As part one of our multi-part series, ARA has put together a stance on COVID-19 measures – click below to view. Contained within are suggestions for repossessors, lenders and forwarders alike because again, we must work together to effect the sweeping change so desperately needed. Click below to see the what we put together.


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