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This original post was featured in the ARA July News & Views. Please note – Emily Massey’s correct email address is:

As Chairman of the Member Resources Committee, there are a few updates that I would like to share with you. Last month, we mentioned that committee member, Steven Summs, was working with Motor Guardian Cam, a company that manufactures in-vehicle continuous recording systems for the towing and recovery industry. He recently tested two different video dashboard camera models, model MDR-3311 and model MDR-3320, with both cameras offering a two-channel recording. Each model records the driver’s route with the MDR-3311 having an external camera that mounts on the back window to provide a view from behind and the MDR-3320 having a second camera built in focusing on the driver.

The cameras come with proprietary software that allows playback of both videos simultaneously along with GPS location to showcase the vehicle’s location during the playback of the video.  Steven suggests that this is a terrific product for members who are looking for a low cost entry to outfit dashboard cameras into their fleet of vehicles. He also says that there are no monthly fees and a one-year warranty for the product. If a member is interested in the product, they can check out or contact Andy Tuch at 847.850.0533.

We’re also working on providing fuel purchase savings through the WEX Fleet Card. As a WEX Fleet Card customer, you can also utilize the Telmatics feature to help track your fleet of vehicles in real-time. Agencies can monitor your truck’s location, how long they stayed there and what routes they took. It also uncovers incidents of idling, harsh braking and acceleration, as well as speeding – which costs all of us money that we do not have to spend. To learn more about the WEX Fleet Card Services, contact them at 866.870.5280.

Committee member, Emily Massey, has also been working with Verizon and recently spoke with a District Manager to address a variety of opportunities to provide for ARA members. These include: the possibility of an equipment and accessories discount, data usage at 10gb per wifi device, customer support nationwide and contract length. If any member has suggestions and or questions, please email Emily Massey, S.C.A.R., Inc. at

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