The Importance of NARS 2014

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The following is a guest post by Alex Price.

Greetings from the great state of Alabama Roll Tide Roll!

I tend to operate under the totem of the Bear, and as anyone with half a brain can tell you:  Don’t poke the Bear.  Well this Bear has come out of hibernation (my previously announced sabbatical) for this one-time blog post on a subject I felt compelled to share with all of you as we consider the annual gathering for the North American Repossessor Summit of 2014 in Dallas TX.

At the 2013 NARS convention I ran into a very old friend, Paul Kulas, with whom I had not spoken or seen in years.  What started as a chance encounter developed into a 4-hour conversation in the lobby of the hotel, allowing our old friendship to click once again as though we had been speaking to each other every day.  He was a scheduled presenter for NARS 2013, and he delivered one of the most engaging talks of the event.  I truly hope they bring him back and give him more time to talk!

Although Mr. Kulas is the self-titled “Head Bell Ringer” in his business, a more accurate title for him would be “Legendary”.  If there were a skip-tracers hall of fame, he would most definitely be one of the first inductees.  After all, he is the inventor of what is commonly (yet incorrectly) known as the “Trap line”.  Yes, THE Trap Line!

As I have attempted to communicate all along in my blogs, books, and speaking engagements, the skip-tracer in today’s marketplace that will see the greatest success is the one that combines the tried and true old-school techniques with today’s new age technology.  The “Trap Line’ would easily be considered a tried and true old-school tool, as I, myself, was one of Paul’s first 10 clients back in the very early 90’s.  In fact it would be safe to say that 6 out of every 10 skips that I located were brought out of hiding through the use of Paul’s inventive technology.  I owe a great deal of my success and longevity to his wild imagination!

Rather than dwelling in the past or resting on laurels, Paul is doing what I teach each and every day.  He has taken all those great tools from out of the past and updated them using today’s cloud-based technology to develop his company, BellesLink.  (Visit:   Paul gave me unrestricted access to sample the expertly-developed offerings at  I was duly impressed, so much so, that I must share this information with you.

In this era of monumental change from the standpoint of compliance, he has effectively delivered a 100% compliant environment within which a skip-tracer can communicate (via calling, texting, emailing, case-tracking, and more…) with skips, family, friends—anyone—all while retaining that all-important anonymity.  A skip-tracer would want to use BellesLink to connect with skips, subjects and targets, to verify and gather information, all while saving time and money. There’s never been anything like BellesLink in terms of performance, benefits and cost savings.  Their customer service is top notch, and they still believe—as I do—in one-on-one custom training to fit the needs of the individual.

Sampling the offerings on BellesLink over the past couple of months has stirred my imagination and made me miss the action of daily skip-tracing.  I rarely give any personal product recommendations, but have made an exception here because if I were to come out of retirement for any reason, BellesLink along with MasterFiles would be the first two items I would subscribe to.  They both deliver cost-effectiveness, performance, and accuracy combined with supreme customer care.   Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Now for those of you who might be questioning the value of attending the scheduled event in 2014, my experience of running into Paul Kulas proves that NARS 2014 can deliver the future of the industry by melding the best of the past with the science of tomorrow.  Two old friends were re-united, an old dog learned some new tricks, and now the paltry dozens (ha ha) of people who read my blogs have a new tool to consider and use.

Until Next Time…

About the Author:

Alex Price is a nationally-recognized expert on the Art of Skip Tracing. Currently he is the Executive Vice President for MasterFiles and author of Skip Tracers National Certification Program, The Florida Records Guide, The Military Installations Guide and blogger with over 25+ years of experience in skip-tracing, collections and public speaking. 

Alex Price has become a highly sought-after speaker in the auto recovery, bail enforcement and financial service industries. He combines old school skip-tracing methods with new age cyber-tracking technology to equip attendees with tools that he gained through invaluable experience.  He balances the hard facts about skips with just the right amount of humor and a touch of southern charm.

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