New National Skip-Tracers Certification Program by Alex Price


In our continuing efforts to bring a higher level of professionalism to the industries we serve, we are proud to introduce the Skip-Tracers National Certification Program.

In conjunction with Alex Price, RISC was excited at the challenge of bringing his years of experience as a Master Skip Tracer to the Industry in the form of a national educational curriculum.

For those who don’t know Alex Price, he is a nationally recognized expert on the Art of Skip Tracing, with over 25+ years of experience in skip tracing, collections and training.

In addition to receiving national certification, those who enroll in the course will also receive at no cost two additional and invaluable tools; the Military Locator Guide and the Florida Records Guide.

It is imperative that those who provide skip tracing services undergo the training to understand the various federal laws affecting data security, pre-texting, military personnel, etc.  We are convinced that the Skip-Tracers National Certification Program will provide this training and will be an invaluable tool to enhance their ability to serve their clients professionally and competently.

To order your program today: or call 866-996-7472.

3 Responses to “New National Skip-Tracers Certification Program by Alex Price”

  1. matt says:

    i want to learn to be a skip tracer but cannot seem to find and material to help me. please help me soon.

  2. WGAdmin says:

    Hi Matt. Please email Alex Price at for more information.

  3. Mark Wideman says:

    I am interested in finding out how to become a skip tracer.

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