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Harding Brooks Insurance Agency
is excited to be the 2016 Headline Sponsor for the second consecutive NARS! At NARS 2015, we were able to meet many new ARA members, and discuss the questions and concerns facing the industry today. Harding Brooks is committed to the success of the repossession industry. Our goal has been, and will remain to be, the leader in providing expert advice on insurance and industry standards.

Our exclusive ARA insurance program had another successful year, well below our loss ratio goal!  It’s a testament to the quality of the Professional Repossessors within the Association. Since the inception of this program in 2014, we have added 56 members into the exclusive club.

These 56 members have been able to experience the IMMEDIATE upfront benefits of the program including:
– Competitive Rates
– Interest Free pay Plans
– Low Down Payment Options
– ARA Monitoring Green Light program discount

In addition to these great upfront benefits, we also have extensive knowledge of the coverage you need to meet contract requirements and to properly insure your collateral recovery business.  Here is what our clients have to say about our exceptional service:

Chris Dunleavy; TCAR “… The ARA Insurance Program that they are currently offering through their agency, Harding Brooks Insurance, provides not only comprehensive repossession specific coverages, but is also priced at a very competitive rate.  The unique and most attractive part of this program is; it provides an opportunity for the participating agents to earn back a dividend, based on the group’s ability to manage and mitigate their claims…”

Brad Webb; Premier Adjusters “I met Mike Peplinski at an ARA convention in Las Vegas several years back and after receiving an unbelievable quote for insurance we immediately made the change to his company.  From the beginning Mike and his staff have listened to our needs & concerns and have always gone out of their way to make our coverage match the needs of our company and our clients…”

Dave Handschin; How Adjustment “… We have found on top of the great personal service we receive, their pricing beats anything and everything we could find in our market.  Dollars matter but the service is fabulous.”

Kevin McGivern; Equitable Services “… I turned over my insurance needs to Mike and have never looked back.  I moved to him because of the great service & relationship I had developed with him.  I personally would highly recommend Mike and the ARA Insurance Program”

Pat Stone; Select Recovery Group “… I can honestly say, Harding Brooks with Mike’s hard work has put together a great program for all of us.  Since signing on with the ARA Insurance Program I have experienced not just good customer service but great customer service”

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