Proven Business Model Increases Assignments

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Millard Land has more than 40 years experience in the repossession business and owns Adjusters, Inc., the oldest collateral recovery company in the state of Texas. Established in 1946, Adjusters Inc. recovers a wide variety of collateral including: automobiles, boats and yachts, airplanes and heavy equipment like bulldozers and tractors. With the downturn of the economy and the changes in how the lending community deals with recovering collateral, Land was eager to find a way to help grow the number of monthly assigned accounts.

Recovery Management Incorporated (RMI)

Land learned about Recovery Management Incorporated (RMI), a company that serves as a bridge between lending institutions and independent recovery professionals, from Founder & President, Joe McOwen.

“I’ve known Joe personally and professionally for many years. He approached me with details about RMI when he had just founded the company. The RMI model was something I wanted to support to compete with forwarding companies and help grow my business,” said Land.

Proven Results

As part of the RMI network, Land is able to use the RMI Quick Response Program® to increase the number of monthly assignments his business receives. RMI’s Quick Response Program leverages state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology and a national network of professional, accredited and insured recovery specialists – like Land – to create a 24/7 collateral recovery department. Land has received more than 50 assignments from RMI.

“I appreciate companies, like RMI, that are trying to keep collateral recoveries in the hands of the true professionals. RMI works with other professional and reputable companies like Recovery Database Network (RDN) and Digital Recognition Network (DRN) to ensure our process, from start to finish, is efficient and effective.”

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