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ARA membership offers numerous advantages that set our members up for success. The ARA community is known for being professional, insured, certified and highly-trained – a valuable reputation that makes a big difference when attracting new clientele. Membership benefits include leadership training, directory inclusion/distribution, recruitment assistance, vocational materials, advisory council positions, and access to the Board of Directors for an opportunity to influence the direction of the industry.

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Our entire membership directory is online and updated annually. Complimentary copies are distributed to the lending community every January. Search Now »

Advantage GPS

Advantage GPS Rapid Recovery Technology AND ARA have Teamed Up to Give You Ultimate Protection!

Ryken Asset Management

Ryken Asset Management AND ARA, the World’s Largest Association of Certified, Trained Compliant Recovery Professionals, have Teamed Up to Give You Ultimate Protection!

Exceptional Standards

ARA sets the highest standards in the industry for applicants seeking membership. By maintaining these standards, clients are assured members are professional, insured, certified and trained and compliant.


ARA focuses on compliance training and monitoring, education and training through certification programs, and other industry-related topics for members and clients.

ARA Compliance Monitoring & Agency Employee Testing Module

Highly customizable software platform monitors the exact parameters based on what our lenders choose.  Our system has a built in employee compliance testing module.  Compliance Auditing utilizes the services of an independent CPA compliance auditing company to perform audits and provide reports.


ARA offers its own Recovery Management Software for clients as a seamless way to assign recoveries to ARA members, at no cost to the client.

Establish HR Industry Compliance

In order for your company to be industry compliant, your people need to accomplish the right tasks; the right way; the first time; every time. Your ARA TalentValue HR Compliance System can guide you on how to do it. Learn More »

Recruit Great People

Organizations tend to hire for skill and fire for behavior. Your ARA TalentValue Recruiting System can save up to 75% of your hiring time and improve the quality of who you hire by 25%. Avoid hiring problematic, unproductive people. Learn More »

Great Leaders Build Great Companies

As the leader of your business, much of your time is spent focusing on someone else: your customers, your clients, your employees, your family, your vendors and everyone else in your life. Now’s the time to focus on You! Learn More »

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  • “I have ventured in error to a few companies that are not affiliated with ARA and it was such a terrifying experience that I make sure to verify the ARA relationship prior to placing an account… I appreciate the work ethic that ARA expects from all of their members.”
    Joan Wolfe - Collections Manager Indiana Members Credit Union

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