Important Note To Our Members

• Feb 23, 2016 • NewsComments Off on Important Note To Our Members

Dear ARA Member,

I am writing to you today as a member and not a Board Member of the ARA.  I am very concerned about the RDN contract that is being presented to the industry.  Am I the only one? What are you doing about it?  Are you just bending over and signing it?  

When I signed on, I was told that, as a full version user, I would never have to pay to receive or report a repossession.  That was supposed to be the benefit of being a full version user versus a limited version user. 

As a Board Member, I was present when the RDN principals came to us and made promises that we would never see a price increase from them.  They stated that there were very early users that were paying less than $100 a month and they would NEVER pay any more than that to be an RDN user.  I feel deeply betrayed because I helped promote the use of RDN in the beginning and now I feel personally responsible for this.

They came to the ARA convention and said that these terms were forever as long as we stayed a full version user.  Now they have sold out to corporate America and the greed that goes with it.  We are looking at a 300% increase in my monthly expenses and because some clients have quirky billing procedure issues, I may have to pay $10 to receive and bill the same assignment. How is this helping our industry.

Now that clients are using this software to assign accounts, RDN thinks we have no choice but to sign so they can do anything they want to to us.  I am not sure what our choices are but I do not want to go down this road of dictation and unreasonable demands from people riding the backs of the agents to benefit themselves.

If I am wrong, please tell me so; it is this association that I love and trust.  If you are facing the same concerns, then let me know so that we can address this together. Maybe CORP could get involved.

Mary Jane Hogan
National Locating & Recovery, Inc.
Cell   205-529-6874

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