Young Professional Repossessors Commission


The Young Professional Repossessors Commission (YPRC) is a group of young professional repossessors under the age of 35 who are either American Recovery Association (ARA) members, family members and/or business associates of ARA members. YPRC is dedicated to educating, empowering and creating a platform for young professionals to speak on behalf of ARA and the recovery industry.

Our Mission

The mission of YPRC is to educate and empower young industry professionals with the resources they need to have a voice and be heard in the industry. The YPRC strengthens and unifies the entire ARA membership and assists in developing new ideas that will ensure the future success of ARA and the recovery industry.


YPRC is comprised of a committee, each possessing 3 years of experience within the recovery and remarketing industry. YPRC members appoint this committee.

The YPRC committee is the direct liaison between all YPRC members and the ARA Board of Directors. There will be monthly conference calls hosted by the YPRC committee, allowing members to discuss industry news, membership opportunities and other commission updates.

The YPRC also plans to meet every year at ARA’s Annual Convention as well as the annual NARS event. In addition to the standard ARA scheduled meetings that take place during these two annual events, there will also be a meeting held for the YPRC committee and members. Any ideas and suggestions brought forth by the committee and/or members are brought to the attention of the ARA Board of Directors via the YPRC committee. The YPRC members also plan to hold monthly/quarterly webinars in conjunction to ARA’s Continuing Education Webinar Series.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time. Please check back soon. 

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