ARA & TFA Merger: Frequently Asked Questions


When Will the Merge Take Effect?

  • January 1, 2019

Will the Name of the Association Change?

  • The combined association will assume the American Recovery Association name. Many factors went into the decision to maintain the American Recovery Association brand, and both parties agreed upon this conclusion.

 Where Will ARA Reside?

  • We will maintain our headquarters in Irving, TX. This location makes the most sense due to its central location and the fact that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is the hub of the auto finance world. There is a significant pool of available talent with the skillsets we need to take us to the next level in this region.
  • We believe it will be important to develop strong regional and state affiliates to help strengthen our industry’s future and prestige on a more local level. These relationships will help us as we grow closer with the respective state lending associations and legislative branches.

Who is Eligible for Membership?

  • The reimagined ARA will be a true industry association that includes all affected stakeholders. This increased inclusion is crucial to the future of our association, especially in how we communicate the desires and needs of our members and still understand the needs of our partners and clients.

There will be several classes of membership, including:

  • Executive Member – This is the voting member class. There will be one vote per company, regardless of size or scope. This will be a corporate officer or owner of the company.
  • Associate Member – This membership class will be for employees of repossession companies. We want to develop a more dedicated level of professionalism and a feeling of belonging to something that can be a future for them and their families.
  • Affiliated Member – This class of members will be from the Credit Unions, Banks, Auto Finance Companies, and/or their employees. Any stakeholder who works with our members on a daily basis, yet does not provide the recovery company a service or product, will be eligible for membership in this class.
  • Supplier Associate Member – These members will be from the entities that provide our industry a product or service. This includes insurance companies, locksmiths, truck manufacturers, and equipment companies.

 The dues structure will change significantly and will become consistent within each class of membership.

  • Main Office Listings for Executive Membership – Base dues will be $500 per year plus $100 per employee with a cap (cap is still being determined) on the number of employees a company pays for.
  • Secondary Office listings – Optional listings for all members, there will be a site inspection performed on each secondary office. These listings are $500 per year and will be listed in the ARA publication.
  • Associate Membership – At $225 per year, this allows members to be in the know on the future direction of the industry. It affords them access to leadership training and advanced vocational materials as well.
  • Affiliated Membership Corporate Level For $2,500 a year, multiple people in an organization can participate in association events and training classes. Members will be a part of an advisory council and have opportunities to meet directly with the Board of Directors on strategy to affect the direction of the industry as a whole.
  • Individual Level – The $250 per year level helps individuals who desire to be a part of the association, regardless of the corporate standing.
  • Supplier Associate Membership – At $3,000 a year, suppliers obtain preferred access to members through feature opportunities on the website, directory, and development of the Marketplace and Member Resources area. All members will receive a special invitation to the ARA Convention Reception for some face-to-face time with members. Supplier members that exhibit at NARS will receive their space at a discounted rate.

What Can You Expect with your Membership?

  • Being a voice in the decision-making process
  • Powerful industry voice on unfair contracts
  • A source for nationally recognized compliance training and education
  • Education for employees & staff
  • Tools to fortify employee retention
  • Webinars for client education
  • Nationwide monitoring, input, and advocacy on legislation
  • National support for state and regional chapters
  • A more diverse home office staff dedicated to specialized advocacy
  • Reduced expenses through network buying power
  • Public relations programs
  • Press and media relations
  • Investigation and reports on technology

What am I Saying by Joining?

  • By joining, you support a new era in which repossessors will have a forum and a strong, unified voice in establishing uniform compliance, industry-standard best practices, and access to the best business and staff training available.
  • Whether you have recently entered the recovery industry or have been a long-time recovery agent, the materials, support, and fellowship found in being a member of the new ARA cannot be oversold. ARA membership remains the best tool available to grow your business, educate your staff, and be involved in the direction of YOUR industry.

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