Associate Members


Associate Members

Our goal of being the “One Voice United” for the recovery industry means we must create a community devoted to industry safety and an image of professionalism and service. To achieve that goal, we embrace the importance of engaging the field agents, managers, department supervisors and service staff that will become the future of our industry.

  • Monty Cavalier, Clients Relations Manager, ABA Recovery Service
  • Scott Chapman, President, Advanced Recovery of New York, Inc.
  • Nathan D. Kennedy, Chief Operating Ocer, First Credit Resources, Inc.
  • Sherif Eizeldin, Senior Manager, Greenwood Recovery, Inc.
  • Gary Deese, Executive Director, Home Detective Company, Inc.
  • Jeremy Gadd, Home Detective Company, Inc.
  • Mary Jane Hogan, CEO, National Locating & Recovery, Inc.
  • Kelly Voetsch, Vice President, Premier Finance Adjusters
  • Mike Nikolas, President, Double Eagle Collateral Services, Inc.
  • Mark Zane, Zane Investigations

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