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Dear ARA Member,


Thank you for your interest in subscribing to the ARA’s contract and billing service, ARMS. The most important consideration for bringing this program to our members is to assure that “No Member Is Left Behind.” We believe all ARA members are the most qualified and the best prepared repossession professionals in our industry; however, today’s clients have placed ever-increasing demands on company compliance regulations and higher security standards for their recovery agents.


To achieve the level of excellence required of us, our agents must maintain higher amounts of insurance, be industry certified by one of the nationally recognized programs, participate in regular on-site inspections and participate in the ARA/ARMS scorecard program. Additionally, to assist with the initial start-up capital, it is necessary to require a small, one-time subscription fee from every agent participating in the program. One subscription, one fee, one time, will cover all of your ARA offices. For a detailed explanation of the program, please read our Q&A.


The ARMS not-for-profit model is an attractive client feature we believe will help improve client/member relations, assure higher service fees for our agents, and guarantee that a percentage of every repossession fee will go back to provide increased benefits for all qualified agents. Additionally, for your clients’ work outside of your coverage area, all ARA members who refer their local and regional clients to the ARMS program will earn additional income for every account recovered. Besides helping expand our client base, the referral program will also provide each agent a return on his/her commitment to ARMS.


Contracts will be sent to everyone who has requested one. If you have not requested the contract, please do so immediately.


Please read our Q&A for more details. If you would like additional information, please email


Thank you.


Art Christensen

ARMS President

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