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The following announcement is from Alex Price, an expert in skip-tracing.

Follow the path to which has been established to support the efforts of all Skip-Tracers through education, training and networking opportunities. Our approach in all our efforts will be agnostic, meaning that we advocate no political bias for or against any group, trade association or industry.  The distinctive nature of the Skip-Tracing profession, with its uncommon challenges and rewards, deserves a forum in which we can congregate to discuss new products, ideas, regulations, problem cases—anything that can benefit from the input of many viewpoints, while fostering the development of all.  The domain will function as a haven for open discussion in a professional and Christian manner, free from advertising and marketing tactics. The purpose is to promote the participation and training of skip-tracers everywhere, and for that reason:  Membership in this forum is FREE!

After seeing the gap in training for the average skip-tracer, I felt compelled to author The Skip-Tracers National Certification Program and now to establish, to further my effort to equip the individual tracer with everything needed to be successful and be in full compliance at the same time. This is the only web-forum created to enhance the abilities of a Tracer at any stage of their career.   We can all agree that continuing education and compliance are at the forefront in today’s marketplace, and we all know that regulations will continue to change, technology will evolve, and skips will become more evasive.  My guiding principle is to have you join me in the new evolution of the Skip-Tracer while we rediscover the Lost Art of Skip-Tracing!

“Follow me down the path to better skip-tracing”—Alex Price

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Alex Price

Master Skip-Tracer

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