How to Apply

Step One:

Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for becoming an ARA member.

Minimum requirements for becoming an ARA member

  • The individual must have been in the repossession business for a minimum of two years under the present ownership.
  • Membership is available to any person whose primary business is recovery for others of personal property.
  • The applicant must be properly licensed as required by their state and/or local authorities.

Membership is granted to individuals, not business entities. ARA has set high standards for applicants seeking membership. The association conducts an extensive background investigation of every applicant. If the applicant meets all requirements as set forth in the ARA By-Laws, then the new membership committee shall grant membership.

Step Two:

If you meet the minimum requirements for becoming an ARA member, please request an application here: Request a Membership Application

Step Three:

Once you have answered the required questions in the short “Request for Application” form, you will be sent an email with your full “Application for Membership” form.

Step Four:

Complete the application form and submit payment for the $750.00 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable. Applications paid by check will not be processed until payment is received. Applications must be accompanied by all required supporting documents including:

  • A Personal Financial Statement and a Business Financial Statement of the individual’s recovery agency.
    1. Statements must be prepared or reviewed by a Public Accountant or a Certified Public Account.
    2. Statements must reflect your financial condition as an individual and the condition of your business, 60 days from the date of the application.
  • Copies of personal and business tax returns for the two taxable years preceding the application.
  • Copies of all state and local licenses required to engage in the repossession business.
  • Photos of office, storage and all other facilities.
  • Section “B” of the application must contain five references from banks or financial institutions for which you have done work. References must show current mailing address and phone number.

Step Five:

You will be notified via certified letter if you have been accepted as an ARA member. You will also receive an email giving your company access to our extensive Member Resources.



The application fee to process the application is $750.00, which is NON REFUNDABLE.


A one time initiation fee of $1,000 per listing.


Annual Membership Dues are based on the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of the city in which the business is located. Dues are paid annually. Statements are mailed to members in April of every year and payment must be postmarked no later than June 1.


0 – 49,999 $1,268.00
50,000 – 99,999 $1,378.00
100,000 — 149,999 $1,538.00
150,000 — 299,999 $1,620.00
300,000 — 499,999 $1,766.00
500,000 — 949,999 $1,853.00
950,000 — 1,249,999 $1,939.00
1,250,000 — 2,249,999 $1,996.00
2,250,000 — 3,249,999 $2,129.00
3,250,000 — 4,249,999 $2,218.00
4,250,000 — 5,249,999 $2,306.00
5,250,000 + $2,395.00
Photo (optional)
No Fee
Refer-tos $7.50

The Home Office staff first processes all completed applications. Then, the New Membership Committee reviews them. Notice of the application shall be published in at least one issue of the Association’s News & Views newsletter publication prior to final action. Any objections to an application must be made in writing to Home Office, and shall immediately be referred to the New Membership Committee for further consideration. An applicant is accepted into membership by a majority vote of the New Membership Committee and will be notified by certified letter of his/her acceptance. All dues and fees must be paid in a single payment within 40 days of the date on the acceptance letter or the application becomes invalid.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of American Recovery Association, Inc.

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