ARA Member Highlight

• Nov 1, 2017 • ARA Member SpotlightComments Off on ARA Member Highlight

This month, we want to highlight everyone who donated to our Hurricane Relief Fund. We were able to get the funds distributed to the families who so desperately needed help, many of whom had up to three feet of water in their homes and no flood insurance.

They were very appreciative of all of you who donated. Here are a few quotes of gratitude:

“We cannot thank you enough for the Hurricane Relief Funds. To receive this check from ARA means so much to us. We are grateful, thankful, and most of all know that American Recovery Association cares about its members and staff! God Is GOOD!!”

“It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank ARA and those that donated to Hurricane Harvey relief. The checks that I received today brought tears of gratitude to all. I’m proud to be an ARA member and to be surrounded by such considerate people. Just saying thanks does not fully express our gratitude.”

“Thank you so much for the outpouring of care and love. On behalf of our entire operation, we sincerely thank the entire ARA membership for this act of extreme kindness and generosity.”

It’s members like you that make ARA great. Thank you!

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