Member Highlight: James & Cindy Lee

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9ead6679-c85e-4f6d-903e-d8230d5cc1b4This month’s Member Highlight spotlights James and Cindy Lee of River City Recovery in Richmond, Virginia. James and Cindy joined ARA in 2013 and have become dedicated and active members.

James and Cindy devote time to assisting the needy in their community. By volunteering their time and giving donations, the couple contributes to such worthy causes as the American Heart Association, Hanover Habitat and American Cancer Society. James and Cindy also contribute to their community by supporting small businesses, like their own, as much as possible. Their philosophy is that if they support small businesses, then the revenue will remain in and contribute to the betterment of the community as a whole.

Random acts of kindness are also important to the couple. Believers in “paying it forward,” they help whenever they can. Recently they saw a mother’s social media request for a tow company because her son’s car was broken down. Cindy and James offered their services, at no cost, knowing that one day a kindness will be bestowed upon them when needed.

James and Cindy also raised their children to have the same passion for giving back to the community and volunteering for worthy causes. They have four daughters, ages 25, 19, 15 and 11. Each daughter has contributed within their community by volunteering with EMS departments, church groups, hospitals, fire departments and school groups. This generous family is always at-the-ready to help those in need.

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