ARA Becomes a Recognized Training School in the State of Illinois

• Nov 20, 2019 • NewsComments Off on ARA Becomes a Recognized Training School in the State of Illinois

The state of Illinois has officially declared American Recovery Association a licensed Recovery Agent School and Training Facility! This recognition allows all future recovery professionals to gain the training required to receive an Illinois Repossessors License and Managers License through ARA.

Illinois is the second state this year to declare ARA a licensed training school, with Florida declaring ARA a recognized training school in October. By early 2020, recovery industry stakeholders in Illinois will have the ability to streamline how licensing and compliance are engaged and verified.

“This new certification further cements ARA in their mission to provide true advocacy to Repossession Professionals,” said ARA President Dave Kennedy. “ARA has moved to perform as the Industry Association which provides education, licensing help, standardization, compliance, and insurance alternatives supported by a national footprint.”

ARA is continuing its efforts to gain certification and expects this will be the first of many important announcements in the coming months.

To learn more about the new direction of ARA, we are hosting a special webinar on December 2nd. The webinar will be offered at 4 different times to accommodate those who are interested. Click here to register for one of the webinars!

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